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Ian Millar
"In today's day and age, showjumpers test is so hard, they have to have a lot of character and mental strength, but not so much that we can't control and train them". - Ian Millar

Ian Millar<br>
Riding & Lecturing<br>
10 yrs. old Stallion<br>
Training: 1.40 meters<br>
Duration: 32 minutes

Ian Millar
Riding & Lecturing
10 yrs. old Stallion
Training: 1.40 meters
Duration: 32 minutes

VID: 3292010

Ian Millar<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Speed Class WEF<br>Warm Up & Speed Course<br>Promise Me<br>by: Ahorn<br>KWPN Gelding<br>Speed Class 1.45 meters<br>Duration: 23 minutes

Ian Millar
Riding & Lecturing
Speed Class WEF
Warm Up & Speed Course
Promise Me
by: Ahorn
KWPN Gelding
Speed Class 1.45 meters
Duration: 23 minutes

VID: 1102007

Available on DVD No.4<br>Ian Millar &<br>Jonathan Millar<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Schooling Over Jumps<br>Vasco & Primera<br>Wellington Florida<br>Duration: 30 minutes

Available on DVD No.4
Ian Millar &
Jonathan Millar
Riding & Lecturing
Schooling Over Jumps
Vasco & Primera
Wellington Florida
Duration: 30 minutes

VID: 35587

Ian Millar<br>Day 2<br>
Riding & Lecturing<br>
8 yrs. old<br>
by; Ahorn<br>
Training: 1.40 meters <br>
Duration: 21 minutes

Ian Millar
Day 2
Riding & Lecturing
8 yrs. old
by; Ahorn
Training: 1.40 meters
Duration: 21 minutes

VID: 1978

Available on DVD No.7<br>Ian Millar<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Sweet Dreams<br>North America Bred<br>14 yrs old<br>Training: 1.50 meters<br>Duration: 31 minutes

Available on DVD No.7
Ian Millar
Riding & Lecturing
Sweet Dreams
North America Bred
14 yrs old
Training: 1.50 meters
Duration: 31 minutes

VID: 5887

Available on DVD No.5<br>Ian Millar<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Romanov<br>KWPN by Ahorn<br>8 yrs old<br>Training: 1.35 meters<br>Duration: 34 minutes

Available on DVD No.5
Ian Millar
Riding & Lecturing
KWPN by Ahorn
8 yrs old
Training: 1.35 meters
Duration: 34 minutes

VID: 55887

Ian Millar<br>Riding & lecturing<br> No Mercy<br> 11 yrs. old Dutch Mare<br>& Assisting<br>Amy Millar<br>Riding Mon Pleasure<br>Jonathan Millar<br>Riding Farenheit<br>Duration: 37 minutes

Ian Millar
Riding & lecturing
No Mercy
11 yrs. old Dutch Mare
& Assisting
Amy Millar
Riding Mon Pleasure
Jonathan Millar
Riding Farenheit
Duration: 37 minutes

VID: 12112006

Ian Millar<br>Assisting<br>Laura Hunkin<br>Air of Gold<br>Hanoverian<br>10 yrs. old<br>Training: 1.50 meters<br>Duration: 28 minutes

Ian Millar
Laura Hunkin
Air of Gold
10 yrs. old
Training: 1.50 meters
Duration: 28 minutes

VID: 55669

Ian Millar<br>Lecturing & Lungeing<br>Working A Horse<br>From the Ground<br>Fancy Hill<br>10 yrs. old Mare<br>Duration: 40 minutes

Ian Millar
Lecturing & Lungeing
Working A Horse
From the Ground
Fancy Hill
10 yrs. old Mare
Duration: 40 minutes

VID: 8552